13 November 2014

Mobileshop.ph is now offering bulk mobile recharge service for Bitcoin coorporate customers

Mobileshop.ph the leading cryptocurrency prepaid mobile phone top up and dish TV recharge provider is now offering Bulk Recharge service for corporate customers seeking a quick top-up solution for high volumes of mobile phones.

Mobileshop.ph has also introduced a new Rapid Top Up service allowing customers to top up without registration and also now accepting Dogecoin.

Reasons why you should use our service

– Mobileshop.ph is the market leader for cryptocurrency Mobile and Dish TV top up.

– Mobileshop.ph is fast, secure and easy to use. No registration required.

– Mobileshop.ph do not charge service fees and we have competitive rates.

– Mobileshop.ph top up is instant – we use the market leader Merchants so, our customers do not have to wait for confirmations.

– Mobileshop.ph is accessible from anywhere online, mobile and tablet devices.

– Mobileshop.ph accepts all cryptocurrencies payment – Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

About MobileShop.PH

We are the first cryptocurrencies prepaid Digital-To-Home (DTH) dish recharge and mobile airtime remittance service to 100+ countries with 400+ international mobile operators.

Visit our website: http://ift.tt/MtTRJu

Follow us on Twitter: http://ift.tt/1xmbH6z

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General Enquiry: servicedesk@mobileshop.ph

Media Contact: marketing@mobileshop.ph

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12 November 2014

Coin Proz Is Here!

Coin Proz is a project set out to help publicize the top projects in crypto currency. With now over 1000 coins in the ecosystem and hundreds of projects, it is a real challenge to track and follow daily updates. The team has taken on the challenge of covering the top projects in crypto land and helping promote them. Coin Proz will be a unique platform in the digital currency realm.

The Coin Proz team wants to help cryptocurrency cross the mass adoption threshold. By rewarding users for participation, the site aims to use that incentive to bring in new users by making it worth their time to be involved. By focusing on the most promising projects and simultaneously bringing in a new audience, Coin Proz wants to bridge the gap between organizations looking to spread their message and users eager to earn by learning.

In addition to being an information and networking hub, Coin Proz has some unique blockchain technology powering the site:

  • Coin Proz has banking features. It’s currently possible to move many different coins amongst users off-chain.

  • There will be a market place where users can buy and sell items or services.

  • There will be lending, automatic repayments, and scheduled payments.

  • Custom chats for each project hosted.

  • Each project will have their own unique page with all news pertaining to them. This is a combination of articles, important updates, tweets and more.

To celebrate the Alpha launch of www.coinproz.com the team has decided to do a Proof of Action campaign. 10+ people will win 10000 Prozcoin. How it works: you start by signing up for an account on www.coinproz.com . Every signup will receive 50 complimentary Prozcoin along with 500 to 700 Test Proz to work with.

Coin Proz also sells PoA campaigns. Anyone can run a Proof of Action campaign for their coin or business starting from 100k Proz coin which you can trade for here http://ift.tt/1nOOYan or purchase a campaign for .5 bitcoin. Coin Proz will help you set up your unique campaign. You can run up to 10 actions and for a length of 1 week. Whether you want to get people to like your Facebook page, comment on a thread, or tweet about your company, you can get a Proof of Action campaign today to grow your organization fast and organically.

Contact us about a Proof of Action campaign. prozcoin@gmail.com

November 12, 2014 at 11:52AM

11 November 2014

Inside Bitcoins Paris is TWO WEEKS AWAY – Get 10% OFF!

We’re excited to be continuing our partnership with Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo, the leading trade show for the fast-growing bitcoin and related cryptocurrency industry, as they launch in Paris in just two weeks! The full schedule for this leading crypto event is now live, and will feature sessions from many industry leaders. See the full roster of speakers here!

Nicolas Cary, CEO of Blockchain.info will deliver a morning keynote on November 20 titled, “International Review: Bitcoin Stories from Across the Globe.” The opening keynote on November 21 will be delivered by Bernard Lietaer, Research Fellow, Advisor to Jetcoin Institution, Center for Sustainable Resources of the University of California at Berkeley.

Additional Session Topics Include:

  • Using Bitcoin to Achieve Real Crowdfunding

  • Bitcoin Security and Freedom

  • Moving Towards a Bitcoin Society

  • The Bitcoin Startup Ecosystem

The conference agenda , which will cover topics ranging from Crypto-Law and Regulatory Compliance, to Investment & Funding and The Developing World, will offer opportunities to learn about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency whether you’re a veteran or just getting started with Bitcoin!

Interested in attending? Enter code BMAG14 for 10% OFF 2-Day Passes. Register now!

inside bitcoin paris

inside bitcoin paris

November 11, 2014 at 10:20PM

Artists and Hackers Create “Parallel” Economy at Cryptoanarchy Institute

In 2003, a group of Czech guerilla artists called Ztohoven began leaving their marks on government-claimed property in Prague. They turned a neon heart on a castle into a question mark. They published the cell phone numbers of government employees in an art exhibition. They even hacked a government news station and began to broadcast footage of an atomic explosion during the weather forecast.

After gaining notoriety for these acts and more for over a decade, the group has recently changed course. Earlier this month, Ztohoven’s artists joined forces with some of the hackers they’d worked with previously to form the Cryptoanarchy Institute. They’ve settled in a former factory building in a suburb of Prague called Holešovice. The name of their new haunt? “Paralelní Polis,” which is Czech for “parallel city.”

The crypto hub’s pseudonymous spokesperson, Petr Žílka, told Hello Czech Republic:

“We want to create a living organism, a parallel structure that would allow people to step out from the system we are living in as much as possible. That’s why we also established a café, and a library and a co-working space where you can hire a table and can do your business.”

The concept of a parallel city was written about by Czech writer Vaclav Bendan in 1978. It’s described as “an independent society—a society that is not oppressed by laws and the decisions of the representatives of the public authorities. A society that is based on its own values, values which are not forced by the central authorities.”

“Nowadays many technologies that originally came from hackers are part of life and we use it,” said Žílka. “We want to show that there are ways how to get rid of all the regulations and enjoy your virtual freedoms [with] encryption and anonymization programs.”

Paralelní Polis will only accept cryptocurrency for payment. When asked if someone with only fiat would be welcome at the Cryptoanarchy Institute, Žílka replied that that’s exactly who the hub is for: people who want to learn about technologies with which they’re unfamiliar. He said:

“The house is an example of how it could work. . . This way we want to show that you can really start living like that and minimalize the influence of state and laws.”

A current offering at the new Paralelní Polis is called “Maker’s Lab.” The class takes place every Monday evening, and anyone is invited to come learn how to 3D print.

The Institute’s homepage makes clear its mission: “The aim of the Institute Cryptoanarchy is to make available tools for unlimited dissemination of information on the Internet and encouraging a parallel decentralised economy, crypto currencies and other conditions for the development of a free society in the 21st century.”

There are some people (yours truly included) who’ve begun to suspect the most complete form of anarchy in my lifetime will in fact take place in the cloud. The digital protection of identity and property—that is, cryptoanarchy—may not be physical, but does that make it any less desirable? Should cryptoanarchy perhaps become the new focus of freedom-seekers everywhere, as it arguably offers more tools and opportunities than can be found in the meat space?

November 11, 2014 at 12:34PM

10 November 2014

Genecoin: DNA for the Blockchain

While it’s a common refrain in the Bitcoin universe that the Blockchain will have countless uses for the storage and management of scarcity in our lives, it’s still a field that’s just starting to deliver on this promise. Enter Genecoin, a newcomer in the Bitcoin space that seeks to fulfill an unlikely spot in our Blockchain future: the encoding and storage of who we are. Despite its name, Genecoin is not a crypto currency or a counterparty asset. Genecoin is the name of a nascent company run by a group of anonymous bitcoiners based in a undisclosed location in the United States’ northeast coast. The members of Genecoin are offering a simple proposition to the Bitcoin universe: to populate the Bitcoin Blockchain with the sequenced DNA of its customers.

Genecoin is still in its earliest stages of existence, and is not bashful about letting its audience know that the company is just in its beginning stages. The price list is still open ended, and the web site is quick to note that “We’re Gauging Market Interest.” However, the principles have clearly received a lot of attention in a very short time, and seem committed to the goal of servicing their first customers. For potential customers, the Genecoin process will start by connecting a client with a gene sequencing lab. This lab will send a saliva collection kit via the US mail, along with instructions to the user on how to collect their saliva using the provided hardware. Once collected, the user sends the sample back to the lab, via the postal service, where the sample is processed and sequenced. After sequencing, the results will be sent to Genecoin, where they are then to be persisted onto the Bitcoin Blockchain. Though there are many companies offering their customers gene sequencing services, it’s the Blockchain persistence that separates Genecoin from the competition.

Amongst the many technical challenges that Genecoin is openly addressing is just how to store this DNA data using Bitcoin. Given that your typical human’s unencrypted DNA takes up approximately 750 MiB of data, storage of this data in full, on the Blockchain, would be significantly cost prohibitive. However, Genecoin is quick to point out that much of this data is redundant between humans, and that this size can be drastically reduced by merely encoding the ‘differences’ amongst a single human’s DNA from those of a reference model. Such an encoding would require off-chain data be used for reference, and Genecoin is exploring various ways of referencing this data in a decentralized capacity. In addition to the considerations surrounding space efficiency, Genecoin is actively exploring mechanisms to encrypt the storage of one’s DNA on the Blockchain as well. After all, just because one wants their data to persist forever, doesn’t mean they want everyone privy to it. Options for latter decryption would include time-lock, and oracle-based decryption schemes.

So, why would anyone want to encode their DNA on the Blockchain? Like much in the crypto space, some projects are a solution in search of a problem. However, one easy reason to use the blockchain to store DNA would be as a replacement for a traditional ‘Birth Certificate.’ Notarization has long been a function provided by the Bitcoin Blockchain, so to ‘notarize’ the existence of a person’s DNA could attest to the existence of an identity, and its age. This attestation would thereafter function in the much the same way as does our current oracle-based (hospital-centric) system. Additionally, for those thinking of the far off future, another fanciful notion might be to encode one’s DNA for the purposes of cloning by a future generation. If that sounds a bit too far-fetched, well, just remember that decentralized currencies were once a far-fetched idea as well.

Regardless of where Genecoin and the DNA sequencing market goes from here, there’s a number of wonderful questions being asked and answered around the Genecoin project. Does the Blockchain have value? What’s the best way to store data so that it will survive the eons? How will the Blockchain find a use outside of the traditional confines of the financial space? These questions will be answered in enough time, but one answer that’s immediately obvious for many in the Bitcoin community, and hopefully to be obvious for others in the biology community: the Blockchain has many uses above and beyond just the storage of balances on a ledger.

November 10, 2014 at 05:00PM

9 November 2014

All Things Alt: Feathercoin Forks and a Collaborative Crowdfund for Charity

all things alt dogecoin litecoin charity

What's happening in the altcoin community this week? Though the market volume doldrums of the past few months don't seem to be clearing away too quickly, development on many projects continues to move forward and the ecosystem diversifies even further.

Read on to see some of the latest happenings from around the altcoin space.

Litecoin and dogecoin team up for charity

A joint effort to raise money ahead of the holiday season is currently underway, combining the crowdfunding capabilities of both the litecoin and dogecoin communities.

The LiteShibes 4 Christmas campaign follows previous efforts to raise money to provide holiday gifts to impoverished children in the Philippines. Organized by several moderators of the dogecoin subreddit, the group – comprised of both dogecoin and litecoin donors and supporters – has raised roughly 290,000 DOGE and 267 LTC. Combined, this amounts to nearly $1,000 that has been raised at press time.

The project represents the latest crowdfunding initiative from the digital currency community. Previous efforts to raise funds for African well projects have been successful, although the debate over using the technology as a vehicle for donations continues today.

The organizers said in a message on the dogecoin subreddit that the effort is the first joint donation drive since dogecoin instituted auxiliary proof-of-work and merge mining with litecoin began.

“This is a milestone in crypto history, to show that we can bridge the gap between communities to really make a difference and help those less fortunate,” the organizers wrote.

Feathercoin hardforks to new mining algorithm

feathercoin_256-e1370862322758 Late last month, feathercoin officially switched over to NeoScrypt, a new type of memory-intensive hashing algorithm that supporters say will protect the coin from the influence of ASIC miners.

The move, announced at the beginning of the summer, comes amid both the broadening deployment of second-generation scrypt ASICs and a shift away from coin projects based on litecoin’s approach. According to a post on the official feathercoin forum, founder Peter Bushnell outlined why the team wanted to push out the new algorithm.

Beyond the risk of network disruption by big mining players with ASICs, Bushnell noted that the project benefits in the long-run by taking proactive steps to stem future issues:

“As the majority of people buying Scrypt ASICs are not doing so to mine feathercoin and the fact that some very large ASIC suppliers will be releasing products soon it seems sensible to move algorithm now before we face the challenges that hit many SHA-256 alts when the SHA-256 ASICs hit. We are moving to a new tier of hashing where feathercoin can be the leading coin.”

As outlined in the NeoScrypt white paper, the algorithm seeks to make it economically impractical to develop mining products that can generate large hash rates. Other algorithms like X11 and Scrypt-N seek similar aims, although some reports indicate that ASICs for these algorithms are in the process of being developed and built.

Strange alt of the week


The rising tide of scamcoins and pump-and-dump schemes has led to suggestions that altcoin investors need to be more proactive in their research, scrutinizing of new coin launches and, in general, more careful about what they do.

Despite the risks, some continue to invest in coin launches and initial coin offerings that carry all the warning signs, including inflated returns and unrealistic expectations of public acceptance. Other initiatives that can be seen, like rektcoin, go in the opposite direction and make no bones about the risks involved.

With the slogan “Got rekt? Get rekt!”, rektcoin previously sought to serve as an example of why investors need to be better at what they do. After an initial hype period, the price of rektcoin has collapsed, with the developer suggesting on The Bitcoin Talk Forum that such an outcome was not only expected, but intended.

Claiming they lost money in the process, which began with a high-volume mining launch that saw as much as 35 GH/s in hashing power, the developer said that those who bought in were likely aware that they might be left holding the bag, so to speak:

“All bagholders just bought rektcoin and hoping for a pump and quick profit, just like all other shitcoins you are buying: it doesn't matter what the coin brings....you are just hoping for a whale who will pump it and you can make a quick profit. I guess no whale pumped rekt so you all got rekt! Including us!”

At press time, the price of REKT is down roughly 75% from 24-hour highs. Some investors have taken to social media, noting wryly that the project, for better or for worse, has at least lived up to its name.

Have a tip about a notable happening in the altcoin world? Email CoinDesk at stan@coindesk.com.

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement. Please do your own extensive research before you consider investing in the altcoin space.

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November 09, 2014 at 06:32PM